Improve your capabilities in basic tech skills like HTML/CSS and learn how to leverage modern technology for automation, personalization and increased efficiency.

Data Analysis

Take powerful actions based on data.

Social Media

From Facebook to TikTok - Master all social media channels, grow your brand and reach.

Conversion & Retention

Create leads or make users sign up for your service directly. Engage your audience, build relationships and create lasting impact.

Marketing Strategy

Strengthen your strategic edge in marketing.

User Experience

Enhance your Skills in User Experience Research, Design and user-centric methods such as Design Thinking with our expert-curated articles, books, podcasts, and videos.


Enhance your Business Skills and master Business Strategy, understand and design Business Models, conduct Market Analysis and monetize products effectively with our expert-curated articles, books, podcasts, and videos.

Hiring & Recruiting

To build a world class product, you need a world class team. Hiring & recruiting are the means to build a team and hence essential to any business at every stage. 

Leadership & Management

Enhance your Management Skills, such as Leadership, Collaboration, Influencing without Authority, and Communication with our expert-curated articles, books, podcasts, and videos.

Product Management Courses

Courses for PMs

Data-Driven Marketer

Data-Driven Marketer

Product Playlist

This Playlist is a personalized collection of hand-picked and expert-curated learning resources. It covers selected introductory guides, courses, and advanced articles to dive deeper and critically reflect topics of Product Management. It serves as living guide for best practices.

This Playlist contains
  1. Professional Scrum Master™ I (, $ 180)
  2. SCRUM Foundations course by Scrum Alliance
  3. Coursera course on Agile & Design Thinking (free)
  4. Best practice books, guides and articles


Leverage the power of data to drive more engagement and retention.

Web Technologies

Understand the basics of Web Technologies and Databases to effectively communicate with your team.

Strategy & Process

Inspire your team with vision, strategy, a solid roadmap and backlog.

Organic Channels

Develop and operate a content marketing strategy and reach new audiences with influencers & PR. Find and leverage organic growth opportunities with channels like SEO. 

Paid Channels

Leverage the power of advertising platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google and reach more people at a lower cost.

Content Strategy & Creation

Create engaging content that people actually want to see - From writing better copy to leveling up your visual design skills and creating better videos.

Soft Skills

Communicate better with others, lead your peers to success.

User Research for B2B SaaS

Learn how to plan, conduct and analyze user research effectively for B2B SaaS companies.